CPCA Board Retreat –
Governance in Action

On February 7 – 8, 2019, the CPCA Board of Directors gathered in Sacramento for a special retreat. The retreat focused on taking a critical look at where CPCA is today and how the Board can best guide the continued growth and success of CPCA for years to come. The retreat was facilitated by Jennifer Simpson, CEO of Integrated Work, who collected input from Board members and worked with a small Board workgroup and CPCA staff to design an interactive, reflective, and action-oriented retreat.

Board members started by taking a critical look at ways to strengthen their own governance practices by examining areas such as committee meeting structures, Board meeting format, and ways to increase member engagement and input. What resulted from this discussion were several action items that were approved by the Executive Committee soon after the retreat and implemented for the recent April 25 – 26, 2019 CPCA Board and committee meetings.

At the retreat, Board members also brainstormed new and innovative strategic opportunities to optimally position CPCA and its members in today’s environment with an eye towards emerging trends for the future. In addition to brainstorming new opportunities, Board members gave critical input on criteria that can be used by staff when evaluating new strategic opportunities. Finally, one of the more exciting outcomes from the retreat was the establishment of a new Strategic Opportunities Advisory Group, a Board-level group who will work closely with CPCA staff to cultivate and vet strategic opportunities. This new advisory group signals an era of renewed and deeper partnership and collaboration between CPCA Board and staff.