CPCA works to increase clinical staff engagement  

Over the years, CPCA has strived to be more inclusive of clinicians and the clinical staff within our community health centers. Since bringing on Dr. Mike Witte as our CMO in 2016, we have worked to engage with clinical staff through both the Clinicians Committee, as well as the CMO newsletter that was developed this year. In the last three months, CPCA has developed a Clinical Affairs team in an effort to work more effectively with Dr. Witte, to help increase community health center clinical staff engagement and involvement in existing and future CPCA activities. 

Currently, CPCA hosts and convenes a number of peer networks (PN) for clinic staff from across various disciplines, like our successful Dental Director and Behavioral Health Peer Networks. At present, a PN for our primary care workforce does not exist which leaves an opportunity to develop a new peer network that would allow clinical staff to both connect with their peers and inform the work CPCA is doing in this area. CPCA would like to gauge the interest and scope of a Primary Care Peer Network that would potentially allow primary care staff to exchange valuable information, share best practices and templates, and provide feedback into state association activities, policies, and training programs. 

To help facilitate this process, CPCA has developed a short survey in an effort to assess the potential of a Primary Care Peer Network. Once the survey results are aggregated and analyzed, CPCA staff will make a recommendation on moving forward with the addition of this new peer network. If you have questions, or would like to provide additional feedback, please contact Shadi Kanaan at