In response to requests of our member health centers, CPCA has established a collaboration with several EHR vendors to meet the needs of the members. CPCA believes in ensuring that health centers have the support and tools from their EHR vendors necessary to maximize use of the EHR. As part of this, CPCA has engaged in meetings, trainings, and user groups to engage CPCA membership and health centers.

Beginning in 2016, CPCA took an active role in engaging the three primary EHR vendors relevant to the CPCA membership. These three vendors are NextGen Healthcare, eClinicalWorks, and GE Healthcare. As part of these engagements, CPCA developed quarterly meetings between CPCA and the appropriate vendor leadership.

More specifically, in regards to NextGen Healthcare (the largest vendor by penetration within the CPCA membership), an account manager has been assigned to CPCA and the quarterly meetings have been established with CPCA’s NextGen corporate sponsor, Scott Boswick, Chief Operating Officer of NextGen Healthcare. These meetings ensure strategic alignment between both parties. CPCA has also negotiated a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which provides discounted pricing for NextGen software, standard reports, NextGen professional consulting services, EDI services, hardware, interfaces, and third-party software. NextGen has also agreed to discount their Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting, and provide special pricing for their NextGen Mobile product (Entrada).

CPCA is also working with eClinicalWorks (second largest vendor by penetration within CPCA membership) on consolidated pricing that will benefit the CPCA members in terms of discounting and packaging of their FQHC-centric solutions. Lastly, CPCA is also working with GE Healthcare to offer licensing based on provider FTE (Full Time Equivalent), which will allow for a more flexible pricing format for CPCA health center members.

EHR Vendor Engagement

CPCA continues to plan and facilitate EHR user group meetings at CPCA’s Quality Care and Annual Conferences. Meeting agendas are driven by health center user, and appropriate speakers present at these meeting provide updates on the EHR products, allowing attendees to ask questions as needed. In addition, software needs are brought up during the meetings providing an opportunity for attendees to get direct support from the vendors. Lastly, the users are broken up into groups to discuss topics including care management, reporting, challenges, successes, and more.

CPCA has also hosted EHR-specific webinars and is actively working on future webinar and trainings that will be valuable to health centers. These webinars are meant to facilitate one-on-one interactions between health center staff and these vendors and provide an opportunity to address questions regarding the topic at hand. During the Uniform Data Systems (UDS) reporting time, health centers were able to participate in a vendor-specific training in relation to utilizing their EHR in reporting data to UDS.