CPCA Strengthens Immigration Technical Assistance and Resources

This past year we have seen an upsurge of Issues impacting our immigrant communities. In an effort to assist our members with these issues, CPCA has been working diligently to develop materials that provide information on the legal rights of clinics and their patients in regards to immigration enforcement.


Immigration Resources for Patients and Clinics

CPCA has been leading an effort in collaboration with other state PCAs, NACHC, and immigration partners to develop materials that can help health centers prepare themselves and patients for an encounter with immigration enforcement.  Through this effort CPCA has developed Sample Policies and Procedures, Know Your Rights handouts, Immigration Patient FAQs  and much more.  You can see the full list of resources on the Immigration Resource page of our website.

We are excited to share that the California Attorney General’s Office is reviewing our sample policies and procedures and considering using them as the foundation for the policies they are required to draft for the state under SB 54 (De Leon, 2017), the California Values Act.  We are honored to have our work and leadership in this space not only be recognized, but also utilized to help remove health care access barriers for our immigrant patients.


Immigration Peer Network

CPCA has created an Immigration Peer Network to help gather member feedback on the immigration resources that we are developing and guide the policy work we are undertaking. This is also a great space for members to share the resources they’ve gathered and produced, as well as ask any questions that may be coming up for health centers and their patients.

Please contact Daisy Po’oi at if you would like to join the Peer Network. 


Provider Survey: The Mental Health of Immigrant Children and their Parents

Children's Partnership and UC Riverside are evaluating the data collected through a provider survey that CPCA helped to create in order to capture the mental health of immigrant children and their parents. We’ve also collaborated with various behavioral health partners, including The California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies, Mental Health America, the California Mental Health Planning Council, and California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, to have this survey shared with their members.

We hope to have this information disseminated to our members through a webinar in December.


Immigration Trainings for Members

In response to requests from members, CPCA has hosted three webinars that were part of an immigration webinar series.  The first webinar, which took place in June, provided an overview of our FAQs and best practices for implementing the recommendations included in the FAQs. The two subsequent webinars, held on September 13 and September 20, provided an in-depth overview of the sample policies and procedures. The fourth webinar featured best practices for using Certified Health Workers (CHWs) and Promatoras to reduce fears in immigrant patients and was offered in early November. To review the recordings please visit the Immigration Resource page.